JAL presents 第14回 琉球海炎祭 2017

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2017/04/8 宜野湾海浜公園 開場15:30 開演19:30

Ryukyu Fireworks Festival Movie


A great collaboration between “fireworks,” a traditional performance art that Japan takes pride in, and the “nature & culture” of Okinawa!

Ryukyu Hanabi Illusion Festiva 2017 is being celebrated for the 14th time this year under the theme of “the earliest place to vibrate with the summer in Japan.” This fusion between the Japanese summer tradition of fireworks and the music and culture of Okinawa results in a completely original entertainment experience that takes pride in being one of the largest Hanabi Illusions of Japan, and the largest in Okinawa. This show presents the original charm of Okinawa, besides being a marine resort, in a new way, and strives to improve the status of the prefecture and to attract tourists by using the “earliest summer of Japan” as a selling point both in and out of the prefecture. This festival, which can be enjoyed by both tourists from out of the prefecture and the locals, is held in April every year, coinciding with the formal start of the sea-bathing season.

“Design Fireworks” produced by JUNKO KOSHINO

JUNKO KOSHINO, the internationally recognized fashion designer, started producing firework designs in 2010.
Pyrotechnists have materialized her designs to draw them high above in the night sky. The contents of the designs are improved every year, and this will be the 6th time that this collaboration takes place.


Awesome entertainment with 21st century technology!

Our fireworks are all programed by costumed computer designed only for the firework setting off. This makes it possible to set off the fireworks along with the music. We will also use sequence control which can make our fireworks show more rhythmical, extremely precise, and dynamic!

Detailed information

Title JAL PRESENTS Ryukyu Hanabi Illusion Festival 2017
Date Date 2017.4.8(SAT)
Door OPEN:Main Gate 15:30 Show START 19:30 A rain-or-shine event Will be postponed to 9th Sunday in case of strong wind and rain
Place Ginowan Seaside Park (Tropical Beach)
Presented by Ryukyu Fireworks Festival Executive Committee
Co-presented by Ginowan City
Under the auspice of Okinawa Prefectural Government, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, Ginowan City, Ginowan city Tourist Office, Ginowan City society of commerce and industry, Ginowan catering related companies association, Okinawa accommodation health association (Some are not fixed yet.)
Partner JUNKOKOSHINO, ACT4, Typhoon fm, Hagoromo Park Management
Special Sponsor Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL)
Sponsor Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd., OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY, Meiji Co., Ltd., Family Mart Co., Ltd., Denshi-Co., Ltd.

Sale Period

[Advance Ticket] 2017.2.24(FRI) 10:00 ~ 4.7(FRI) 23:59
[Ticket on the day] 2017.4.8(SAT) 0:00 ~ 19:00

Venue map [toll viewing area] Some layouts are subject to change

Other Important Information

Things you should bring


This is rain or shine event. So you should bring raincoat in case of rain. You can also use an umbrella, but it would be dangerous under strong wind. We might ask you not to use the umbrellas when winds are strong.

A picnic blanket

You can’t use chairs in the free seat zone. You will need to sit on the beach or grasses so if you have a blanket, it would be great.


It will be cold in December after sunset.


It is very useful when you need to go to the washroom!


It will protect your eyes from some dusts or ashes from the sky.


Prohibited goods

  • PET

If you purchase BBQ grilled meat with skewers, please do not bring them to your seat. Please enjoy the BBQ meat outside of the Paid area.

  • Since the traffic will be crowded during the event, using public transportation is recommended.
  • This is rain or shine event. Will be postponed to Sunday in case of strong wind and rain The tickets will be refunded in case the event is cancelled. Please visit the ticket store before 14th April 2017 for refund when the event cancelled.
  • We are not responsible to any accidents or property loss occurs inside or outside of the venue.
  • The number of washrooms are limited, so please go beforehand.
  • During the show, you might get some dusts and ashes from above. If something get into your eyes, wash your eyes with water right away, or please come to aid station.
  • After the show is done, there will be some bits of fireworks along the beach. Please do not touch them. If you find some, please let us know.
  • You will need an admission ticket to get in. You can watch the show from anywhere besides reserved-seat area or keep out area once you get in. (If you want to have a chair, please get reserved-seat ticket) Adult ticket for ages 15 or over. Junior ticket for ages 6 to 14. Children age 5 or under are free. You may need to by a parking ticket if you want to park your car. 1 car for 1 ticket. The parking lot will be busy, so please come early.
  • If you want to have a chair, please get reserved-seat ticket. In this case you will be asked for the admission ticket and reserved-seat ticket together.
  • No reissue for the ticket for any reason.
  • Please do not drink too much. If you get really drunk, we might ask you out from the venue.
  • DO NOT drive when you are drunk.
  • Please do not come by car if you don’t have the parking ticket. On-street parking is prohibited.
  • Please visit our Facebook page or HP for the information regarding postponement or cancel.
  • Tent, Sunshade, Tarp, Parasol, Chair, Summer bed, Large blue blanket, Table, Cooler box etc… are prohibited.
  • Pet, Bike, Bottle or can, Firework are prohibited.
  • No food or drink from outside.
  • Although we try not to make any confusions, should an emergency occur, an announcement will be made and customers are requested to follow instructions given by attendants.
  • Recording of the stage artists is prohibited.
  • Please be prepared in case of rain or cold weather. This is rain or shine event. So you should bring raincoat in case of rain. You can also use an umbrella, but it would be dangerous under strong wind. We might ask you not to use the umbrellas when winds are strong.
  • Smoking is allowed only at the smoking area.
  • Please keep your eyes on your children. In case of getting lost, we cannot make announcement until the show ends, so please make sure the children are with you time to time.
  • There are aid station and nurse is in it. Please come to the station in case of feeling sick or getting injured.
  • There are garbage boxes so do not throw garbage onto the street.


About the event

How can we know there are any plan change on this event?
Please visit our Facebook Page
How about if it’s bad weather?
It will be postponed to Sunday. If the winds are not really strong, we’ll go on even it rains.

About tickets

Do you have walk-up ticket?
Yes. Adult 3,300YEN Junior 2,200YEN Adult w/ Parking ticket 4,500YEN There will be no walk-up tickets when all tickets are sold in advance.
Can I get my ticket reissue in case I lose it?
No, we can’t reissue your ticket for any reason.
From what age do we need the ticket?
Adult ticket for ages 15 or over. Junior ticket for ages 6 to 14. Children age 5 or under are free.
Can I bring my own chair in?
No, Please do not bring your own chair in with you. There are seat comes with a chair if you wish to have. Please see the ticket info for the details.
Can I bring foods and drinks from my home?
No food or drink from outside allowed. There are very good catering stores, so you won’t be starving!

Park Info

Is there admission limit when it’s super busy?
We are not planning to make any limit for admission.
How many fireworks will be set off?
About 10,000!
When will the show start?
Around 19:30. And about for an hour long.

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