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  • The vicinity around the hall will be busy from 17 o'clock. Thank you for coming to the venue before 17 o'clock.
  • Illegal parkingStreet parkingThe police department of Ginowan strictly regulates it.
  • Although this event is rainy schedule, there is a possibility of postponement or cancellation at stormy weather etc etc. On the day Official facebookPlease check.
  • There is a toilet in the venue, but it will be very crowded. We recommend that you come and visit us before the visit.

JAL presents The 14th Ryukyu Kai Fire Festival 2017


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2016/04/11 Ginowan beach park opening 16: 30 opening 19: 30

Natsukawa Rimi Concert

As a memorial project of the 15th anniversary of the Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival,
A singer from Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture · Concert by Rimi Natsukawa,
From 17 o'clock to 18 o'clock 30 minutes before the fireworks' performance,
It was decided to hold at the theater building in the Okinawa convention center.

The concert venue is a 1-minute walk from the fireworks display venue.
After the concert, you can enjoy fireworks.
In addition, at the Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival, in line with the music of Mr. Rimi Natsukawa,
We will fire fireworks.
Please come to the concert of Mr. Rimi Natsukawa, as well as the Ryukyu Kai Fire Festival.

Implementation site Okinawa Convention Center inside theater building
Date of implementation Rainy weather on Saturday, April 14, 2018. No advancement
* When the Ryukyu Kai Fire Festival is postponed due to stormy weather etc., the concert will be held on April 14th.
Opening time 16
Opening time At 17
Closing time 18:30 (planned) ※ Concert time is 90 minutes
Ticket price
Advance tickets 5500 yen · S seat (tax included)
4500 yen · A seat (tax included)
Tickets for today 6000 yen · S seat (tax included)
5000 yen · A seat (tax included)
※ For details of tickets, please see the ticket page.


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Traditional entertainment that Japan boasts "Fireworks",
One major collaboration of Okinawa's "nature and culture"

Ryukyu Kai Fire festival which celebrates the 15th time in 2018 with the theme "To the summer that is touched the earliest in Japan".
It is one of the biggest entertainment in Okinawa, full of originality due to the fusion of Japanese fireworks and Okinawa music and culture, and boasts the largest scale of fireworks illusion in Japan.

Not only as an ocean type resort but also appealing the original attraction of Okinawa with a new method,
We aim to improve Okinawa's status and attract sightseeing, and appeal "the earliest summer in Japan" inside and outside the prefecture. As a festival to enjoy tourists from outside the prefecture and Okinawa citizens every April, it will be held according to the sea opening season in Okinawa.


"Design Fireworks" produced by Mr. Koshino Junko

The design fireworks handled by Mr. Koshino Junko, a worldwide designer elected also as a cultural contributor 2017, began in 2010, and the content has been improved each year. We will be holding the ninth in 2018. Mr. Koshino Junko draws a firework drawing, Fireworksman of Maruyamaya Katsukatsu fireworks shop who shone in the world in Macau international fireworks contest in 2016 produced fireworks.
Program that fireworks ball according to music computer and launch it in the night sky.

About Mr. Koshino Junko
Mr. Koshino Junko i-con

Awarded at the age of 19, the youngest grand prize, which is said to be Shing Lingmen of Newcomer Designer. Since then, based in Tokyo, overseas, starting with the Paris collection in 1978, fashion shows were held in various parts of the world including Beijing, New York (Metropolitan Museum), Vietnam, Cuba and Myanma.
Produced a show, opening at the Japan Festival (Kennedy Center) in Washington, DC in 2008. In addition to designing fireworks at the stage costume of drum art performance "TAO", Ryukyu kai fire festival in Okinawa, activities range from sports uniforms to interior design. Recently, he produced a reception to promote Japanese food to the world in New York at the time of the UN General Assembly.

Entertainment in the 21st century with the latest technology

It consists of about 1 hour including fireworks such as Star Mine, and the exclusive ignition computer controls the launch of all fireworks. This makes it possible to control fireworks from where and at what timing beforehand according to music and production intention, with precision of 1 / 30th of a second.

For that reason, we have been able to develop precise and dynamic shoes such as assigning fireworks to each note of music that could not be thought in conventional fireworks display, fireworks running through the venue according to the sequence.

Outline of implementation

title JAL PRESENTS The 15th Ryukyu Kai Fire Festival 2018

Opening Saturday, April 14, 2018 15:30 Opening 19: 30
※ When the weather like rainy weather, strong wind, heavy rain and the like is the case, it will be postponed the next day.

Venue Ginowan Seaside Park (Ginowan Tropical Beach)
Shinji Kiyoshi 4-chome No. 2 No. 1 Ginowan City 901-2224
Sponsorship Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival Executive Committee
Co-organized Ginowan City

Okinawa Prefecture, (one good) Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau,
(One company) Ginowan city tourism promotion association, Ginowan city commerce and industry association,
Ginowan City social food and drink association association, Okinawa Prefecture Hotel Ryokan life sanitation association association


JUNKOKOSHINO, ACT 4, Typhoon fm,
Hagoromo Park Management

Special sponsorship Japan Airlines Corporation
Sponsorship Japan Trans Ocean Air Corporation Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co., Ltd.
Meiji Co., Ltd. Okinawa Family Mart Co., Ltd. Electronic Park
Advance inquiries hanabi.kaiensai@gmail.com

※ The content includes some schedule.

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