About holding

When will you be able to hold the event?
That day, 【Ryukyu Kai Fire festival official facebook page】Please refer to the. I will update it from time to time.
What happens in case of bad weather?
If it is canceled on Saturday, April 14, it will be held on the next day 4/15 (Sunday).
If it is not bad weather such as strong wind, it will be held even in the rain.

Ticket related

I would like to take a picture with a tripod.
There are photographers' seats available for those who take pictures. Since this will be sold at the secretariat,
For details, please contact hanabi.kaiensai@gmail.com.
Is there a parking ticket included in the admission ticket?
Or do you need to purchase parking tickets separately?
Since parking tickets are not included in admission tickets, please purchase separately.
Can I purchase parking tickets outside of FamilyMart?
Parking lot tickets will only be sold at FamilyMart.
Is it possible to designate a seat when purchasing a designated seat ticket at advance sale?
I am sorry, but you can not select a seat when purchasing a ticket.
How do I purchase a designated seat ticket if I want to view it with 3 people or more than 5 people?
I am very sorry, SS and S reserved seats will only be sold by 2 person seats,
In case of using 3 people, in addition to the number of people plus the reserved seat ticket for one person,
Please purchase admission tickets for four people.
If you wish to purchase more than 5 people, please contact the secretariat.
In case the correspondence is possible at the secretariat, I will tell you the amount etc.
Since it may be sold out at the time of inquiries,
Please note.
The designated seats in the SA to B seats are designated as chairs (numbered seats)
Or, if you designate only the area (Which seat can you sit in the area?), Which one is it?
Specified seats are designated as seats, and the seat number is listed in advance in the ticket.
I applied for a ticket gift campaign, and an invitation ticket won.
When you want to view at a designated seat with a chair, which item should be purchased additionally?
If you already have an invitation ticket, you can purchase only the designated seat ticket (without admission ticket) you wish
You can see it in a seat with a chair.
Do you have a day ticket?
Admission tickets for adults are 3,300 yen for adults, 2,200 yen for children, and 1,600 yen for parking tickets.
However, if sold out in advance, there is no sale of the same day ticket.
I lost my ticket.
Since it can not be reissued, please keep it in a safe place.
From what age do you need tickets?
There is an adult ticket and a child ticket (primary school student / junior high school student). Preschool children are free.
Is it possible to bring chairs?
Please refrain from bringing chairs. Table seat, designated seat of chair seat are sold separately for a fee.
Do you bring food and drink?
Please refrain from bringing in foods and drinks. There are good food and drink outlets in the hall.

Venue related

Do you have admission restrictions at the venue, such as during busy times?
We will sell tickets for entrance fee, so there is no admission restriction.

Fireworks related

How many fireworks will you have this time?
This time we will also launch 10,000 fireworks.
Fireworks launch time is.
It is scheduled to be launched at 19:30. It will be a program for about 1 hour.

Introduction of sponsors

ファンスタイル ダイワハウス ログノート 明治 沖縄ファミリーマート 沖縄セルラー JTA JAL
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