Prohibited items to bring in

  • Tent, umbrella, chair, table, soma bed, cooler box
  • Containers such as foods and drinks, cans, bottles, plastic bottles purchased outside the venue
  • Pets (For entrance with guide dog accompanying please contact general information)
  • Fireworks, crackers, explosives such as charcoal, flammable substances, etc.
  • Vehicles such as bicycles and skateboard etc.
  • Generators, floodlights, etc.

Food and drink purchased at the venue can be brought in to the sandy beach viewing area, but because it will cause injuries in regards to skewers, we do not allow bringing to the sandy beach.

【Other precautions】

Be sure to check the following notes before purchasing to customers

(※ The contents may be changed, so please understand in advance.)

About admission ticket

  • Admission ticket is necessary for admission to the paying viewing area. For high school students and above please purchase admission tickets, elementary school students, junior high school students child entrance tickets. Entrance free for preschool children. Only those who purchase parking tickets can park in the designated parking lot. One per passenger car is required. Other than that, parking is not possible. However, since the venue is very crowded, please visit around 17:00 as a guide.
  • Those who need a seat (seat chair) need a designated seat ticket separately from the admission ticket.

About visiting

  • For visitorsShuttle busIt is convenient. Or please use transportation such as bus · taxi. Because congestion is expected around the venue, please come early.
  • Never stop the act of annoying residents around the venue. Also, please do not visit by car if you do not have a parking ticket.

About toilet

  • We also have permanent toilets and temporary toilets in the venue, but please do come and visit us in advance. Also, before fireworks launch, especially crowded, so please have plenty of time to spare.

About viewing in the hall

  • Please enjoy the viewing within the designated area as the venue and surroundings are very crowded. Please stop watching at the aisle. Also follow instructions, guidance of staff, police, security guards.
  • Those who are not obeyed by instructions of the staff in the venue, and those who conduct other nuisance acts of others are forced to leave. Please note that the admission ticket will not be refunded at all.

About smoking, drinking, relief

  • We have a smoking section. Smoking outside the place is prohibited.
  • The conference will be crowded. Try not to take your eyes off from children as much as possible, such as keeping the children's hands tightly. If by any chance, you get lost, you can not announce any lost calls during fireworks launch.
  • We are preparing a relief tent in the hall. A nurse is on standby for a relief tent, please use it when you feel sick or injured.
  • Please pay attention to drunkenness due to excessive drinking. Please note that drunk people may be forced to leave so please be careful.
  • Absolutely not to drunk driving.

Prohibition of small unmanned aerial vehicles (drone etc.)

  • Within the venue and around the venue, bringing in, maneuvering, flying etc. of small unmanned aerial vehicles (drone etc.) without permission of the organizer is prohibited as dangerous fire hits the fireworks. In order to ensure safety, we may have to stop the fireworks. If you find a prohibited action, we will inform the police.

About firework shooting

  • Photographing fireworks is possible, but please do not shoot like a hindrance to the person's eyes.
  • Specification of the tripod is possible only for cameraman's seat. Please refrain from using it elsewhere.

Other notes

  • Bringing in and using umbrellas is possible. However, when viewing the fireworks, if you block the line of sight of other customers or there is a danger that the umbrella will be blown by the wind due to strong wind etc. before launch, you may be prohibited from using it . If there is an announcement of prohibiting the use of an umbrella or an instruction by the staff, please follow the instructions promptly.
  • Tents, sunshades, tarps, umbrellas, chairs, summer beds, large bluesheets, tables, bicycles, bottles, fireflies and other explosives and items prohibited by law are placed in the venue , Installing items requiring a lot of space, such as a cooler box, and bringing in and using objects that obstruct vision are prohibited. Also, please refrain from bringing in food and drink from outside.
  • We are preparing the opening corner in the venue so please use it. However, because it will cause injuries as to skewers, we will prohibit carrying in the sandy beach area.
  • Please acknowledge that the organizer or event stakeholder has authority over media exposure such as photos and movies taken on the day, broadcasting (terrestrial / BS broadcast / CS broadcast etc.), magazines, webs of sponsor companies etc. .
  • During fireworks launch, people in the audience seems to have the possibility of "fireworks spoilage and glasses" falling down, so please be careful. In the unlikely event, rinse your eyes with water without rubbing, if possible, please come to the rescue tent.
  • After finishing the fireworks, even if you find unexploded balls by any chance, please never touch them and let them know to the people concerned nearby.
  • We have a garbage box inside the hall. After sorting, please discard it in the garbage can and return.
  • The organizer / venue / performer is not responsible at all for accidents, theft, etc. occurring inside or outside the venue.
  • When unauthorized entry is discovered, regardless of the reason, I will hand over the police to the police and claim damages.
  • For official goods etc. selling in the venue, we will not exchange or refund anything other than defective items, so please understand in advance
  • Although the Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival can be seen from the hotel, this event is a fireworks illusion that will launch fireworks according to the music. Thank you for seeing it by all means at the venue.
  • Be sure to check the homepage before visiting.
  • Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival Executive Committee Secretariat※ For inquiries on the website "Contact Us"Until

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