Convenient if available

We will inform you what you would like us to prepare for more enjoyment.

Rain coat (raincoat)

It is a rainy schedule. Please be prepared for each raincoat. Bringing in and using umbrellas is possible. However, when viewing fireworks, if you block the line of sight of other customers or even if there is a danger that the umbrella will be blown by the wind due to strong wind etc. before launch, you may be prohibited from using it . If there is an announcement of prohibiting the use of an umbrella or an instruction by the staff, please follow the instructions promptly.


Basically, there is no chair preparation except for the designated seat. Please sit on the sandy beach and lawn within the paid viewing area directly, so prepare your own rug (cushion size). However, please refrain from things that occupy places such as large blue sheets.


It is a season that feels chilly still during the night. Please prepare a coat etc that we wear from above.


During fireworks launching, the lights in the hall will go out. In case you go to the toilet etc, it is convenient because you can shoot the feet if there is a flashlight.

Goggles / glasses etc.

Fireworks Fireworks burning scum may come off during the launch. We recommend that you bring goggles / glasses etc.

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